"National American Miss 2006""National American Miss 2006"

Back of SashBack of Sash

"A GOP Celebration""A GOP Celebration"

"2008 C.A.R.E. Ball""2008 C.A.R.E. Ball"

"The Cattleman's Ball""The Cattleman's Ball"




"Happy 2008""Happy 2008"

"Thanks For The Cool Job""Thanks For The Cool Job"

"For The Cast Party""For The Cast Party"

"Tee Time Celebration""Tee Time Celebration"

"For The Graduating Nurse""For The Graduating Nurse"

"Ready For Tee Time""Ready For Tee Time"

"A Colorful Farewell""A Colorful Farewell"

"Clowning Around""Clowning Around"

"Welcome To Boca Grande""Welcome To Boca Grande"

"An Easter Cross""An Easter Cross"

"An Edible Easter Basket""An Edible Easter Basket"

"October Birthdays""October Birthdays"

"Happy Thanksgiving""Happy Thanksgiving"

"An Employee Celebration""An Employee Celebration"

"Christmas Bunco Party""Christmas Bunco Party"

&quotChristmas Presents""Christmas Presents"

"Holiday Birthdays?""Holiday Birthdays"

"A Frosty Celebration""A Frosty Celebration"

"A Sweet Celebration""A Sweet Celebration"

"O Christmas Tree""O Christmas Tree"

"Bucket of Cheer""Bucket Of Cheer"

"Warm Holiday Wishes""Warm Holiday Wishes"

"Holiday Elegance""Holiday Elegance"

"Wrapped With Love""Wrapped With Love"

"O Christmas Tree""O Christmas Tree"

"Edible Hot Chocolate Mugs""Edible Hot Chocolate Mugs"

"Festive Petit Fours""Festive Petit Fours"

"Happy Hollydays""Happy Hollydays"

"Witch's Hat""Witch"s Hat"

"An Autumn Basket""An Autumn Basket"

"Happy Harvest""Happy Harvest"

"Holloween Cupcake Pull-Apart""Holloween Cupcake Pull-Apart"

"A Spooky Birthday""A Spooky Birthday"

"A Big Corn Cake""A Big Corn Cake"

"Nurses' Appreciation Week""Nurses' Appreciation Week"

"Congrats On The Promotion""Congrats On The Promotion"

"Ali Graduates""Ali Graduates"

"The St. Luke's Award""The St. Luke's Award"

"Orthopedic Nurses Day""Orthopedic Nurses Day"

"A Broken Bone""A Broken Bone"

"Port Charlotte High School""Port Charlotte High School"

"North Port High School""North Port High School"

"Port Charlotte High School""Port Charlotte High School"

"Charlotte High School""Charlotte High School"

"Charlotte High School""Charlotte High School"

"Charlotte VOTEC""Charlotte VOTEC"

"FGCU Logo""FGCU Logo"

"FAU Logo""FAU Logo"

"UCF Logo""UCF Logo"

"A Patriotic Welcome Home""A Patriotic Welcome Home"

"July Birthdays""July Birthdays"

"For A Good Job""For A Good Job"

"Shamrock Birthdays""Shamrock Birthdays"

"A Pot Of Gold""A Pot Of Gold"

"Big Brothers & Big Sisters""Big Brothers & Big Sisters"

"The C.F.O.""The C.F.O."

"Get Well Bear""Get Well Bear"

"A Chocolate Farewell""A Chocolate Farewell"

"Enjoy Retirement""Enjoy Retirement"

"Garden Party""Garden Party"

"Valentine's Day""Valentine's Day"

"25 Years Of Service""25 Years Of Service"

"Celebrating the Show""Celebrating the Show"

"Happy Bosses Day""Happy Bosses Day"

"Thanks For The New Smile!""Thanks For The New Smile!"

"A Motocycle Cupcake Pull-Apart""A Motocycle Cupcake Pull-Apart"

"A Fancy Farewell""A Fancy Farewell"

"A Valentine Heart""A Valentine Heart"

"Valentine Birthday""Valentine Birthday"